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Why Sell Medicare ???

Market Growth

The Medicare Advantage market segment is expected to rapidly grow through the year 2050. 60 % of Medicare clients rely on Medicare Advantage as their primary insurance coverage! This all in one solution to Medicare is gaining strength and popularity daily. 


The Medicare products issued at Clear Health have a very compelling compensation structure with no cap on earnings. 

Provider Acceptance is on the rise 

Medicare Advantage are network based insurance plans. Provider acceptance has increased allowing our clients to keep their same doctors and pharmacy. 

There is NO Underwriting 

Medicare Advantage plans are a great place to go when supplement rates increase. The best part is, Medicare Advantage plans are guaranteed issue with no health questions.


There are $O premium plans 

You may be surprised to learn that Medicare Advantage plans can be $0 per month. This is due to a collaboration between the Federal Government and private insurance !


Additional value added benefits included 

Medicare Advantage plans are our primary product. This is due to them being an All-in-One alternative to Original Medicare. They include Part A (Hospital), Part B (Medical), Part D (Rx), Dental, Vision, Hearing, Gym Membership, Over the Counter items, Telemedicine, , Healthy food, Chiropractic care and more !!!

CMS approved plans 

Every plan issued at Clear Health has been approved by the CMS Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.


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