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It all started back in 2012. John the owner and operator ventured from a very successful real estate career and made a strategic shift to the Healthcare industry. This major change was due to the increased demand for Under 65 Health Insurance Businesses from the Affordable Care Act (Federal Government Involvement in Insurance). With a team of 3 licensed specialist and excellent customer support staff a great company was underway from the beginning. 


The company started in a 500 Square foot office in the basement of a Real Estate office in BelAir, Maryland. With a great team, location was never going to hold them back from success.  Within 1 year the office provided jobs to over 10 licensed specialists and the location was quickly overstaffed due to the small size of the office space. The amazing culture of a start up business with unlimited growth potential was created. Working hard, enjoying life, and truly being part of the company family was always a priority. 

Expansion and growth has been John’s goal since day 1. With the polished and excellent staff John realized the business needed a new home. A new commercial office space on Rt. 7 in Abingdon is where the company landed next. This space was 1600 square feet and could accommodate a staff of 25 with an administrative team, compliance team, retention team, management space, and more! 

With the demand for healthcare increasing the company was more successful than ever, breaking sales records and new plans issued week after week. This was also due to John adding his wife Jillian to the team. She was always part of the team but she moved her focus to the company Full time. 


The success of the new great start up business continued from 2014-2018 breaking production records every year. In 2017 the company also branched out into the Medicare Market Segment as the future for Medicare was set to explode with opportunity. A full time marketing staff, additional administrative staff, and Full Time Human Resources were all added in this time as well. In 2018 John realized that not one more Enrollment Specialist could fit in the office on Rt. 7 and a new home was again needed for expansion.

In September of 2018 the company relocated to the Water's Edge Corporate Complex in Belcamp, Maryland. This new office is over 7,000 square feet and can staff more than 50 Medicare Enrollment Specialist. 

The business had over 30 successful Under 65 Enrollment Specialists, and started really growing a Medicare staff at the end of 2018.  John and Jillian realized within 1 year changes were needed again to maintain growth. Clear Health was re-branded and relocated the Under 65 Specialist to another office in the complex to allow for the growth of the Medicare segment of the business. 

Medicare is expected to grow exponentially from 2020-2050. With 1/4 of the US population being on Medicare within the next 30 years Clear Health has a very bright and exciting future. The start-up mentality and culture, and family oriented business practices are still the core belief and foundation of John’s business. 


With an impressive history and future success ahead Clear Health is actively in a growth stage recruiting and expanding like John has done best from day 1. Clear Health strives to be excellent every day and the number one source for “Transparent Medicare Solutions” in the Nation.

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